ATS Company Links

    • Advanced Thermal Solutions Our main web page with our heat sinks, test instruments, wind tunnels, webinar listings, technical information, QPedia thermal journal and more!
    • ATS & Aavid Thermalloy Aavid Thermalloy now distributes maxiFLOW and maxiGRIP through their sales channels
    • ATS Slideshare Channel ATS has posted a number of presentations on our technology up at Slideshare; come have a look!
    • ATS on Twitter You can subscribe to ATS updates on Twitter, just click our link and you’ll be able to join.
    • ATS Qpedia Thermal Journal QPedia is ATS’s magazine on thermal engineering. Our articles are authored by our engineering team on a variety of topics geared to the thermal engineering professional
    • ATS Webinars ATS webinars are packed with thermal engineering information you can use right away to solve your thermal challenges. Visit our webinar page now to find a webinar perfect for you!
    • ATS & Digi-Key ATS’s full line of heat sinks and heat sink attachment, including maxiFLOW & maxiGRIP are distributed by Digi-Key
    • ATS & Consulting ATS offers consulting design services for mechanical & thermal design.
    • ATS  You Tube Channel Our You Tube Channel hosting our videos on the science, practice and products of thermal management
    • ATS Main Corporate Blog Our main blog where Dr. Kaveh Azar and ATS’ thermal engineering team wax philosophically, practically and theoretically about all things in the thermal management world
    • ATS Thermal Instrument Blog Our blog about Thermal Instruments, Thermal Analysis and Their Application
    • Electronics Cooling Blog ATS’s blog featuring abstracts from and links to articles in our QPedia Thermal Engineering Journal
    • Best Heat Sink Blog ATS’s heat sink component blog that focuses only on ATS family of over 4000 heat sinks!