ATS Announces New Instrument System for Studying Air Flow and Air Temperature

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has introduced a system of integrated laboratory instruments and sensors for performing scientific studies that require precise air flow velocity and temperature measurement.  These systems may also be used by engineers to help create thermal management solutions for electronics or heatsink development.  There’s a whole family being released over the next two quarters, at various price and feature points. The first is the iTHERM-100 Airflow Measurement Test Station.

The iTHERM-100 Airflow Measurement Test Station from ATS includes a benchtop, laboratory-grade wind tunnel, controller, and multiple sensors to precisely manage the velocity and direction of airflow within its test environment. The system can be used for characterizing airflow and to measure and study pressure drop across heat sinks and other components. Studies can be made on components, heat sinks, fans, fan trays, PCBs, ATCA cards, and racks. It can be used with a thermocouple for thermal analysis studies on a cpu or other components. The complete i-THERM 100 system provides a 15% savings over purchasing each instrument separately.

To get a quote to purchase ATS new instrument systems or for more information,  you can click to the iTHERM-100 or iTHERM-200, or send us some email at or call us at 781-769-2800

For more information on our bundled solutions, please check our presentation:

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